Thursday, May 8, 2008

We love the zoo!

Today we went to Como Zoo. The weather was prefect for it! We were only there for about an hour but Graycen seemed to enjoy herself - A LOT!! She made all of the animal noises she knows and got excited for all of the animals and all of the kids. She was such a 'big kid' today. I couldn't believe it. Here are the videos I took and some of the pics. Sorry for the bad quality of the video. I somehow loose so much of the quality when I upload to Youtube and then post here from there.

Graycen and daddy. Daddy was being silly.

Big Kid!

Watching the monkeys eat. When she saw him eating something she stopped and said "ooooh, nummy!"

Very excited to see the fish!

She kept pretending to sleep when she saw the sleeping animals. Which for her is closing her eyes and snoring.

Couldn't have a trip to Como Zoo and no picture on the turtle. This was the best one, unfortunately. It was just a little too bright out.

Graycen wanting to hug and kiss the lions. You can hear her say "oh, hug?" then she says "hug" and proceeds to hug the glass and then a kiss follows.

Graycen roaring when she sees the big male lion laying next to the glass, meows when she sees the big female lion atop the rocks.

Very excited to see the fish on the other side. You can hear her say "look!" when she gets over there.


MIP said...

Such a cutie pie, looks like she had a great time :)

Emily said...

Fun! We are going there today.

Katie Osborn said...

Oh! It looks like you guys had so much fun! I wanna go to the zoo!! It's one of the things I miss about being in the cities!!!

Christine said...

She is such a cutie! Glad to see you went to the zoo while it was still sunny out yesterday though! It looked like it was going to rain in the late afternoon.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could go to the zoo with her. One of these times when I come down, maybe all four of us could go..... later in the summer or early fall when you think Parker would be OK going... I can tell she just loves the zoo. Maybe when I come down I can take her to Como park to the zoo there.. we will see