Tuesday, January 1, 2008

twenty five for 25!

This is a few weeks late but I just remembered about it and have been trying to come up with my own list. I had to borrow the idea from my friend Emilie since it was such a good one! These are 25 things I hope to accomplish/do in the next year... good luck to me! I do plan on coming back and updating it as well.

1. Take a trip somewhere so I can finally see/feel the ocean.

2. Start a realistic plan for shedding my baby weight once the new one is born. * started 7/22/08!!!

3. Have Graycen and baby #2 dedicated together in July or August (in lieu of a baptism)

4. Finally get reprints of our wedding pictures. Oh - I guess I would also need to frame and hang them!

5. Talk with David about going to the movies by myself once per month... just like Carrie. I absolutely *love* the idea and greatly miss the movies!

6. Buy new furniture! *done!!! Ordered 2/17 and being delivered 2/20!!

7. Use the wonderful 11-cup Cuisinart my mom bought me. (It will probably end up being used to make baby food) *done!! It's sad, but I didn't use it until the week of my birthday - right before Christmas when I did my holiday baking!

8. Get a routine check-up at the eye Dr and at the dentist! *half way done. i went to the eye dr in November

9. Change our medical benefits. *done!! Changed and submitted 2/22! Yahoo!

10. Take a trip to the North Shore.

11. Find and buy a new system for organizing all of my craft items.

12. Buy a new camera..I want a digital SLR. It's been on my list since I started seeing the pictures David's sister, Sherri, takes.

13. Start sticking to my grocery list when I go to the store. *have successfully been doing!! yay!

14. Finally start a college fund for Graycen.

15. Read more!!!!

16. Get a baby-sitter for an evening and actually go somewhere with just David for once- like an adult meal! *done!!! Kayla and Jordan watched the kids so David and I could go to eat and see Eagle Eye.

17. Join an ECFE group in the fall.

18. Start a quilt.

19. Make a lemon meringue pie.

20. Take Graycen to the Children's Museum more often. *went 5/23 and plan on going again before July (I have a coupon that needs to be used now!)

21. Drink more water. In an attempt to do this I plan on buying a water cooler and buying the 5 gallon jugs of water to use with it. *I haven't bought the cooler but I have been buying gallons of water for $.37 at Cub. Since our water tastes gross, I have to do this. Brita filters don't even work!

22. Get professional pictures of our family taken.

23. Get a facial. (I have never had one!)

24. Make sure to write all of the birthdays of important/close family members on the calendar and be sure to send out a birthday card (or at least call to wish them a happy birthday) * done 7/1/08

25. Carve pumpkins at Halloween! *done! we did it ON halloween!!


Emilie said...

What a great list! (And hey, if you're going to get to it late, what better day than Jan. 1?) I'd like to do some of those things myself. As for #17, I can't say enough good things about ECFE, and I hope you find a class you like. :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds and looks like a big list. I would rearrange them in order of importance. That way you can work on the most important first. The reason I suggest this is because you have a new one coming aboard that can take a time away from this list and then you have a big sister that may need some adjustments to the family changes which can also take time away from this... and so on. Ma Jones loves your list though.