Wednesday, December 31, 2008

twenty-six for 26

Ok I'm a couple of weeks late again this year but the way I see it is it's better late than never. I have decided since I wasn't too successful at this last year (only finishing 11 things on my list of 25) I will do it again this year. Here are 26 things I hope to do in the next year. Some of them, I feel, will be easy-peasy. Some of the items are repeats from last year but they are ones I really want to get done, so they were thrown on again!

  1. Have a family portrait taken.
  2. Get a babysitter and go on a date with David once a month.
  3. Go to the dentist!
  4. Reconnect with some old friends.
  5. Send out birthday cards to everyone that is close/special to me this next year.
  6. Start a college fund for each of the kids.
  7. Finish losing this weight (22 pounds down - 42 to go!) And continue blogging about it!
  8. Get away for one or two nights - just the two of us.
  9. Finally get the tattoo on my foot that I want so badly!
  10. Have my wedding photo negatives transferred to digital files.
  11. Post on my blog at least once a week - and the Works for me Wednesday posts can't count!
  12. Make my own baby food for Parker like I did for Graycen.
  13. Get a new hair style - FINALLY!
  14. Do something for our wedding anniversary. Even though it's not a big one and will be 6 years, we have only done something once and that was for our 1 year anniversary.
  15. Get all of my pre-requisites for nursing school done.
  16. Start a quilt.
  17. Participate in the 50 book challenge that a couple of my friends (Carrie, Liz) also participate in.
  18. Attend one Weight Watchers meeting each month (Every 4 weeks - so I can keep my membership current without repaying the registration fee)
  19. Don't be a typical "Second time mom" when it comes to filling out Parker's baby book and taking pictures of him.
  20. Volunteer. I was thinking about the St Paul Humane Society. I'm open to suggestions.
  21. Rebuild my shoe collection into something other than flip-flops. (Even though I hate to do that!)
  22. Own some actual purses and not purses that can double as diaper bags.
  23. Try to get my poor kids on a schedule - even if it is a flexible one. It would be so nice to have a consistent bed time.
  24. Have a "me day" each month. Where I can go out by myself and do what I want. Even if it is just sitting at Borders or Starbucks reading and drinking coffee.
  25. Send someone flowers.
  26. Get back down to only one pop per day.


Rebecca said...

I like #21 and #22. Although, I just love shopping...

I was thinking of doing my own birthday to-do list this year, too (inspired by Emilie), but I realized that as you get older, your list gets longer. Shouldn't the opposite happen? I'm just imagining myself at 60 having 60 things to do that year.

Keep us updated on when you can check items off your list!

MIP said...

What a great idea, hopefully you can get all the important ones checked off if not all of them!

Adventures in Mother Venture said...

What? Purses can be used alone and without diapers and wipes shoved into the bottom of them?

Barbara said...

That's quite a list! Which you expecting to be the toughest?