Friday, January 4, 2008

Five in the New Year!

I am not too fond of the Friday 5s this week, so I decided to just list 5 things I am looking forward to in the new year! Have a great weekend!

1. Having another baby. It's going to be tough to have an infant and a toddler around, yet exciting and adventurous.
2. Aspiring to complete my 25 goals/accomplishments for the next year of my life.
3. Even though I *HATE* Star Wars stuff - taking David to the Science Museum to see the Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination Exhibition this summer. He doesn't even know about it and I think that's the best part!
4. Finally getting a new cut/color once the baby is born and I *can.* I have been needing to do something different for years now!
5. Shedding my baby weight (for sure) plus some (hopefully!)


Anonymous said...

I was thinking about if there were 5 things that I could do that would make me feel better about myself. For some reason lately I have not been happy with myself. So here goes nothing.

1. Lose weight, maybe if I see myself physically different, I can feel better about myself.

2. Learn to be happy by myself again. I use to like being alone with myself, it's been hard lately.

3. Start and finish a rag quilt.

4. Change the way I eat.

5. Enlarge my garden long side of the driveway.

April-C-A said...

Thanks for posting about the Star Wars exhibit. My DH would love to go to something like that.

I like your list, all items are do-able!

Missy said...

I just heard about the SW exhibit, too, on the news. I had to call Mitch right away to tell him. He's so excited!!! :)

I like your list, too - good luck!