Friday, May 9, 2008

We also love the park!

Today since the weather was so nice - we decided to take Graycen to one of the tons of parks we have around here. She had a blast. There were two other kids there. They were brother and sister and the sister was two "just like the girl" said the little boy, whose name was Logan.
When we first got there Graycen kept running around picking up pine cones and handing them off to David before hunting down another one.

She then turned her attention to the swings, which she didn't seem to care too much for. David tried the slide with her and she didn't seem to care about that either.

Ok.. I am sure you are thinking 'is there anything at the park that this 1.5 year old does like??' Well, she did enjoy the little jungle gym that was there. She climbed up some stairs and crawled into the tube. She seemed to like that quite a bit.

Logan came over and climbed into the tube with Graycen and started talking to her. It was cute. You will never believe what happened next.... Graycen kissed the boy in the tube!! She crawled in, said "kiss," kissed the boy and then thanked him for it. Too funny. The best part is, I caught it on video! Enjoy!!

So, after she was done kissing boys, she decided it would be fun to chase a bird around. She was doing pretty well until he flew away. This was her asking "where'd he go?"

Then she scaled the wall, which was about 3.5-4 feet tall! Couldn't believe she climbed up it!

Ran down the hill and picked some dandelions ("bowers" aka flowers)

Finished off the trip to the park with a picture of her posing and saying cheese, which in her language was actually "keeeeeeeeys"


Steph said...

How stinkin' cute! What park did you guys go to? It looks a lot like the one over by my parents house.

Anonymous said...

What fun was that. I miss all of that......... :-(

Marketing Mama said...

Adorable. She's just getting cuter and cuter every day! Just wait, she'll be a big sister soon and can give Parker all those kisses. :)

Beth said...

Oh yeah, I'm with Missy. She is going to love being a big sister!

Mama Ozzy said...

If she likes pine cones, she will love my house... :-)

April-C-A said...

Wow, when did she grow up??? She just seems so much older, more toddler like! I love the pictures of her in the grass. She looks so precious.

Christine said...

That video made me laugh out loud!! It's even more funny that she said thank you!!!