Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Como Zoo

I can't believe I didn't even post about this. DUH! Last week, David took Graycen and I to the Como Zoo. She had been once before, but fell asleep before we got there and slept until we were almost home. So, I am considering this her first time there. We had a really good time. She really enjoyed all of the animals and the views. The weather looked like it was going to rain, but it never did. It was overcast with a little breeze, so it wasn't hot or sunny. Perfect, actually. Graycen was really interested in the little monkeys (I can't remember for the life of me what they were called) and she was so excited watching Sparky, the seal, swim around in his little pool. Sparky even jumped up on to the ledge right next to the window and Graycen was able to see him right through the glass. It was pretty neat. All in all it was a very fun trip! I am so glad she actually enjoys going places, since we *LOVE* taking her places! Oh, the places you'll go....

Daddy showing Graycen the little monkeys that she was so interested in.

I think she has already started people-watching. Oh no!

When Sparky, the seal, jumped up on the ledge inside and looked out at Graycen.

A giraffe, just because it is beautiful.

Sitting on the giant tortoise, since it wasn't even hot! **Don't worry, Dad was right there to catch her, if necessary**

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Anonymous said...

I sure wish I was there for those special moments. Not sure if I will ever get to experience one of those. It seems they always happen when I am not around.

She is so beautiful. Grandma misses her.