Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Eventful Sunday

On Sunday we attended two parties. First, we had my sister, Kayla's, open house to attend. Later on we went to our god-daughter, Catelyn's first birthday party! Graycen did really well all day, surprisingly. She also got to show off her crawling and pulling-up skills. It was cute!
We left the house to be to my sister's by 11:00AM, which did NOT happen! We went early to help decorate, set up and whatever needed to be done. Graycen slept while David did, well, I don't really know what David did. I helped cut up and prepare food. People started arriving, we jumped on the trampoline a little and visited a little. Before we knew it, it was time to go! We hopped in the car and drove all the way from Lakeland (which if you don't know, is right on the border of MN/WI.) to Hopkins. It was the perfect drive for Graycen's nap. She slept on the way there. Perfect!!
We get there and visit a little. Catelyn opened her presents, we had food, then cake. The whole time Cate was opening her gifts, or Betsy rather, Graycen was just staring at everything. She wanted in! Catelyn got a lot of really nice things. It was a fun party.
Long day...we get home hoping that Graycen will go to bed soon - WRONG! She didn't go to sleep until around 10:30. Don't know what it is about the girl, but she just hates going to sleep. :( Bummer.

Birthday Girl, Catelyn.

Catelyn trying to get to the camera.

Graycen almost being body-slammed by Josiah.

Peeking out from behind the presents.

Birthday girl enjoying her cake.

Catelyn's older brother, Connor.

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