Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Crazy sleeper

A few times now, during naps, I have found Graycen sleeping like this. What happens is she decides it's time to get up, not realizing she is still asleep and cannot keep her eyes open, she falls right back down and goes back to sleep. My mom said I used to sleep like this all the time when I was a baby. I need to try to find those pictures!


Carrie said...

ahhh, soooooooo sweet! I'm just catching up on your blog - I never seem to find time to enjoy OTHER blogs! LOL
She is just gorgeous! good job, mommy, what a beauty!

Anonymous said...

Dave was never a crazy sleeper.. but it was always..always hard to get him to go to bed...and to sleep. So I am thinking that you are pretty well stuck with a child that doesn't like to go to bed.