Saturday, January 3, 2009

Moved to tears

I was watching Oprah last night (at 1:00am ) when I saw this boy perform. His name is Andrew Johnston, he's 13 years old and he sang "Pie Jesu" on the show Britain's Got Talent.
When he started singing, I couldn't believe the sound coming out of him. I was just moved to tears. How could you not cry watching this beautiful boy sing? I can't stop watching it and every single time I do, I get the goosebumps like nothing else. I get tears in my eyes when he starts and then at about 2:06 - the flood gates are opened - every.single.time.
Oh my goodness..

*note: If you don't want to watch everything beforehand, the song starts at about 1:40. I do recommend watching it all, though.


Marketing Mama said...

okay, now I'm crying like a baby. that was awesome!

Barbara said...

Yeah, I'm bawling too--but not only because of the boy's incredible voice! For the rest of my life, that song is going to remind me of Emilie.