Saturday, January 3, 2009

Thank goodness the diaper bag is enormous

Or maybe that's a bad thing..??

Rebecca just posted about how all of her childless friends make fun of her mom purse. I know how that goes - except I carry the diaper bag that has way too much stuff in it. Always have, always will (carry lots-o-stuff in my purse/bag) I decided to do the same that she has by dumping out the contents and sharing it with you. You can see just how much I have with me.. UGH! No wonder my neck hurts after we go out somewhere. Also - no wonder I need to stick with #22 on my list of things to do for the next year (own purses that CAN'T double as diaper bags)

So, here we go:
  1. January/February issue of Everyday Food
  2. a copy of Raising Your Spirited Child
  3. travel case of diaper wipes
  4. book for Parker (crunchy pages, plastic tabs on the sides. squeaky thing in middle..)
  5. Little Duck Snuggle Time Story of Graycen's
  6. pair of jeans for Graycen
  7. a winter hat for Parker
  8. a little Tupperware container of rice cereal
  9. a green, orange and yellow Oball
  10. empty on-the-go formula holder
  11. an extra shirt for Graycen
  12. an extra one-piece outfit for Parker
  13. diaper for Graycen
  14. diaper for Parker
  15. coupon organizer (since I always go shopping and forget to bring my coupons, I try to keep the organizer in the diaper bag)
  16. checkbook
  17. sunglasses
  18. Graycen's hair binder
  19. tube of Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm
  20. "dandelion" Crayola crayon
  21. Gerber baby spoon
  22. a card for free registration at Weight Watchers
  23. an Ikea spoon for Graycen
  24. set of mitten clips that need to be put on Graycen's coat
  25. fridge magnet "L"
  26. keys
  27. 4 spider-man band-aids
  28. an Ikea fork for Graycen
  29. sample packet of Huggies Cleanteam body wash and shampoo (because you just never know..)
  30. tube of Ralph hydrating body lotion with shimmer (I forgot I even had this!)
  31. bottle of Target hand sanitizer
  32. pair of Parker's socks
  33. C.O. Bigelow Apothecaries Mentha Lip Shine
  34. tube of Boudreaux's Butt Paste
  35. little wooden Mary from Graycen & Parker's new nativity set
  36. bottle of infant Tylenol
  37. Chewy low fat chocolate chunk granola bar
  38. jar of Earth's Best Organic First Pears
  39. tube of Water Babies sunscreen
  40. Oral-B dental floss
  41. tube of St Ives Vitamin E lotion
  42. small sample-size tube of Protopic (for my seborrhea)
  43. opened biter biscuit
  44. one of my MANY mittens
  45. Weight Watchers Points Finder slider card
  46. my hair binder
  47. 2 mini Hershey's Special Dark candy bars
  48. a used diaper of Parker's that I need to throw away
  49. pack of kleenex
  50. travel pack of Citrus Scent Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand & Face Wipes
  51. Sweet Pea Anti-Bacterial Deep Cleansing Hand Gel (PocketPac)
  52. pantyliner
  53. The Very Hungry Caterpillar
  54. extra pair of undies for Graycen
  55. small tube of Mary Kay Satin Hands (can you tell I like lotion?)
  56. pretend ear of corn
  57. extra memory card for camera
  58. container of Gerber Peach Puffs
  59. 5/6 twistable crayons
  60. camera (but taken out to take the pictures..)
  61. one of Graycen's socks
  62. one used kleenex
  63. wallet (mine is also huge, Rebecca! This is why:: bank card, medical insurance cards, Borders Rewards card, gift card to Cold Stone Creamery, CVS Extra Care card, Ulta card, Blockbuster card, library card, Sears gift card, coupon for 25% off at the Aveda Institute, Stride Rite footwear club card, Sam's Club membership card, Sam's Club gift card, Graycen's MN Immunization Record card, phone card, picture of Graycen from two Christmases ago, receipts from the past 90 days, old grocery list, a couple of coupons - which I forgot to use's because I didn't have a list! one single dollar bill, a check for daycare payment
  64. tube of Hydrocortisone Valerate for Parker's Eczema

Yep - that's everything! Now, it's weird because there are things I normally have in the diaper bag that aren't there. Those things are: extra pacifier for Parker, plastic bags to put dirty diapers in, a pad of paper, an extra bottle for Parker, Tylenol for me, cell phone and quarters (just in case I have to use meter parking)


Rebecca said...

Oh hilarious! You had a full 30 more things in your bag than I did! My favorite items in your bag: the one dandelion crayon and one of Parker's socks. They seem lonely.

Marketing Mama said...

You have a lot. of. stuff. in there.

ha ha ha ha

Sharon said...

lmbo! I had three kids, never that much stuff in one diaper bag. . .too funny.

PS...I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you'd like to enter ;)


anti-supermom said...

I'm seriously in pain thinking about toting that thing around, you are one brave mommma.

Kerry said...

Am so curious how much crap I have in mine... always trying to plan for whatever might be needed, not that we get out as much as I would