Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Works for me Wednesday - CRAFTS!

Lately I have been looking up all kids of crafts. Looking for stuff for these kids to do each day! I have been scouring the internet..checking google, blog searches, books at the library...anything! All along, I was missing what was right in front of my face. A place I have known about for quite some time! My sister-in-law, Sherri's, website! She runs the Family Crafts part of You should go check it out!
Want to know the sad way that made me realize I had been totally skipping using that site? I did a search for toddler crafts using egg cartons on Google. Through there I found a link back to her page with a picture of a little girl and her bugs that she created with empty egg cartons. Boy, did I feel dumb when I was somewhere I already knew about! I even have the link to her site saved in my favorites and it's also in my second blogroll.
Of course I spent quite a bit of time searching her site and got TONS of great ideas! Today we made caterpillars! The kids had a great time. Thanks Sherri!

For more great ideas, head on over to Rocks in my Dryer.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun.... and yes.. Sherri's site should of been your first stop.... but now you remembered.. and that is good. Where are the pictures.. I want to see pictures... sorry... I am excited that you are having such a good time doing this. BTW.. if you need items.... that I can wash out and save for you... just let me know. Also, if I see good deals on things like pompoms and things like that.. do you want me to pick them up..

anti-supermom said...

Seriously girl - Parker is two months old, you do not need to be entertaining him with crafts, you crack me up!

Good luck with the new job, I've been thinking about you.

Mama Ozzy said...

LOL... That is okay as long as I am your first stop now! If you are ever looking for something specific, let me know because I know sometimes the searching can be a little confusing. I have a cute collection of egg crton sea creatures... :-)

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