Saturday, August 30, 2008

I can share the love!

I am excited! I received my first little bloggy award. MIP over at Perfectly Imperfect gave it to me. (Don't you just love her header?)She and her husband just bought and closed on a new house! She has a super adorable little guy, which she calls MR. And well, she's just a super nice, genuine gal! Thanks MIP!!

I would like to pass it on to a couple of other ladies. I am not sure how many is OK, but I am making my own rules here!

*-* Missy over at Marketing Mama. She has a son, Alex and a daughter, Avery. Her kids are absolutely adorable! She is a working mama that does everything she can to make her children's lives memorable and fun!
*-* Emilie over at Lemmondrops. She has two children, Daniel (who is just about 2 weeks older than Graycen) and Benjamin (who is about 3 months older than Parker.) Her boys are adorable! She is a loving, personal mommy/wife who is fighting the battle of cancer. I want nothing more than for her to overcome and defeat it!
*-* Beth over at A Real Anti-Supermom. Beth has two boys also - Henry and Wyatt. (See a recurring theme here?) She does home daycare and is hilarious! She has fun and isn't afraid to talk about the things most mommies don't want to admit to doing (i.e. Enjoying the fact that her son has an underwear fetish - yeah, you need to read that post! Feeding the kids McDonald's or Domino's Pizza. And just the plain admitting of leaving her kids in diapers longer than she would leave other people's kids in their diapers) It's all so honest and real and she writes about things that make you laugh and agree. She doesn't try to be the most perfect mom and I think that's the reason I like her so much!
If you have a few minutes, go check out their blogs. They're great reads..always!


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Rebecca said...

Love them all! Learn from them - and you.

anti-supermom said...

Hey- what- you are giving me an award! WOW, I'm wiping away the tears and getting choked up a little. A big thank you!

Seriously, that is so sweet of you to write all that about me. I've been told I should define what anti-supermom means and your post has inspired me to work on just that!

You kick butt too~

Barbara said...

Hey, congratulations on your award. Way to go, lady!

Emilie said...

Aw, thanks, Kristine! I'm happy to be in your company.

Marketing Mama said...

You are so sweet, thanks so much for sharing the love!!! :)