Friday, August 22, 2008

Parker at two months

So, Parker is 2 months old today and I can hardly believe it! I just don't know where the time goes. It honestly makes me kind of sad. Before we know it, he'll be turning one.
Parker surprised me with his first laugh today. I was bouncing him on my knee (trying to get out a burp) when a huge smile emerged and then came a laugh! I thought it was a fluke. I continued to bounce him and he laughed again....and again! I tried to duplicate it when David got home, but no luck. Maybe tomorrow?
He is awake so much more during the day. It's great! He is an AWESOME sleeper at night (something we didn't have so much with Graycen) He typically sleeps for about a 7-7.5 hour stretch from between 8-9pm and 3-4:30am, wakes up to eat and then back to sleep until between 7-8am. I was lucky enough to get an 11 hour stretch on Tuesday night. He slept until 8:30am with no middle of the night feeding. I couldn't believe it!
He does great with tummy time. Graycen (and just about every other baby I know) hated tummy time.
Here are some pictures of him from today.

Mad because I put him down to take his picture.

Happy because I picked him back up and put him on my lap.


Emilie said...

Doesn't time fly?! I can hardly believe that Ben is almost 5 months old. And Daniel turns 2 on Monday. OY!!

Ben has been a solid sleeper, too, unlike Daniel. He was sleeping through the night from day one, practically. Is it something about the second child? I don't know - I just know we've been happy to get a break!

Anonymous said...

So happy he is sleep so good for you. Dave was a sleeper so maybe he is taking after his Daddy. He is such a happy baby. Graycen was and is a happy child as well...I am thinking that it has to do with their loving environment that you and Dave provide for them. No one can be as proud of both of you as Dad and I are.

Rebecca said...

So cute. I love his blonde hair!

Rebecca said...

p.s. I am so jealous of all your sleep... We still aren't there.

Anonymous said...

What happened to his dark little hair that he had? Did it change color?

anti-supermom said...

Isn't having a good sleeper the best! I often feel bad telling people because I don't like daggers being shot into my eyes :)

Happy 2 months!