Friday, August 22, 2008

What I Learned This Week: 6

Short post.
What I learned this week:

** When Parker sleeps for 11 hours straight, it is pure heaven!
** I have a lot more things to get rid of than I thought.
** It's not just male cats that spray. I am learning this the hard way. Our female cat has started spraying.. I hate her!
** In part with the female cat spraying thing. A lot of people think if you get the cat fixed it makes the spraying stop but usually it doesn't.
** Graycen is growing too fast. She has really started to show her opinion a lot more than she used to.
** I think I need to ban the hubs from using the check card for a little bit.
** Gwen Stefani named her newest baby boy Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale. I am sure you are thinking the exact same thing as me. What the....???? I know it as a game that David downloaded for me on the Xbox360. Weird!

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Anonymous said...

The cat is spraying because of Lazy... I am sure... but you need to get her fixed. 90% of the time the spraying does stop. Yea for the sleep time.... what in the world possesed her to come of with that name........... poor kid