Thursday, May 15, 2008

Yay for Tupperware!

Last week I had a Tupperware party. I have been wanting to have one for quite some time now. Since I have kid(s) around here, I figured I needed some!
I didn't invite too many people since I know there are a lot of people that wouldn't come anyways, so I pretty much only invited the people I knew would come. Makes sense, right? I had 5 guests in total. I didn't mind. They were all people I like to see and spend time with. There were also 4 kids here and 3 of them were under the age of 2. You can imagine what that looked like.
I felt like I couldn't pay attention most of the time that the Tupperware lady was here since there were so many kids and everyone wanted something at different times or there were many different noises that I had to go scope out. So, in between getting up 12 million times, I was able to see some of the really neat products Tupperware has to offer. If I could order everything I wanted, I would be spending hundreds of dollars. It's crazy! Because of all of the stuff that people ordered, I got so much in free product! I am so excited for everything! Here's what I got:

The last two pictures are 5 different bowls that I got for discussing having a party, dating a party and holding the party.

I would say I made out like a bandit. Wouldn't you?

Well, after lots of consideration, I have made the decision to sell Tupperware myself. I'm going to be a Tupperware lady! I was thinking about the possibilities it could have if I work it to my advantage and actually pursue it. At first I am going to start out doing a couple of parties only because I have to get a feel for it and decide if I want to actually do in-home parties or not. If I like it, I will continue doing in-home parties and if not, I will just do catalog parties and such. I am pretty excited/nervous/anxious about all of this. It's a big change, but if I work it right, I can mostly be the SAHM I want to be! YAY!

So...if you need Tuppware, let me know. I'd be glad to help you out!


pianomomsicle said...

wow. Sounds like you had a great party!

Monkeymama said...

Let me know if you can sell long-distance and if there is an on-line catalog. I am so tempted by Tupperware! They make some of the neatest things.

Steph said...

OOOhhh!! You can do my party in the fall!

Katie Osborn said...

OMG I wanna have a party...I agree with monkeymama, can you sell long distance? I'd buy stuff! Let me know what a catalog party consists of once you figure things out! You can email me!

Anonymous said...

I loved tupperware as a Mom of small kids. They had the greatest toys as well. There might be something I would buy.. .but I haven't looked at Tupperware in so long.. have no idea what they have any more. I can not believe the free stuff you got. That was some kind of party. I hope selling tupperware turns out to be what you want it to be.... especially letting you be a SAHM...... yea.

Christine said...

I want to order some! And I'll order from you so you get the benefits!

Marketing Mama said...

You totally made out like a bandit. Awesome!!! Once you get into using them all, post again and tell me which ones are your favorite! :)