Monday, March 24, 2008

Some randoms...

  • I have been off for the last 5 days (3 days off, 2 days called in) and I am now really feeling more of an itch to be staying at home. I missed Grayen terribly tonight while I was at work. I want nothing more than to be able to stay home full time. My poor girl...
  • When Graycen doesn't want something, instead of just saying 'no' she says 'no.....ooookay' it's so cute. I can't help but to laugh every single time I ask her if she wants something and she doesn't. I think she does it because we would ask her, she would say 'no' and we would say 'ok' It's adorable! I have to try and catch it on video.
  • We need an oil change and I keep forgetting to call and make an appointment.
  • I have already gained 23 pounds this pregnancy...oh no! I am 5 pounds away from reaching how much I gained with Graycen and I still have 3 months to go (as of yesterday!) I think it's because I don't work full time this time around and also I regained my appetite alot sooner this time around.
  • I have made $91 from selling some of Graycen's clothes on Craigslist. I have only sold about 1/4 of it, too. Wow!
  • I'm bummed because we live in New Brighton and there isn't a library just down the road from us at all. When we lived in Midway we had two that were both about 2 minutes away (driving time) and it makes me sad that we don't even have one that is near us.
  • My heartburn is starting to kick in big time. So much I can't sleep some nights. Time to get a prescription for it!
  • Some nights Parker moves/shakes/kicks so much I can't fall asleep. Graycen wasn't that way.


Just another crazy family said...

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MIP said...

23 lbs sounds great to me, my little guy added sixty pounds to my frame when all was said and done.