Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter day - filled with lots of love and hopefully family and/or friends!
In the 'J' household we all woke up at about 7:45 this morning (thanks to Graycen) The first thing she said to me this morning was "eat" while making the sign for the word. I felt bad, like she was starving or something - even though she obviously was not! Daddy got her situated on the floor in the dining room with crayons (or 'colors' if you are Graycen) and her big coloring pad - they colored and I made us a nummy breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon and toast! We all ate and enjoyed our food.

When we were through with breakfast, we took down Graycen's basket. We figured we should try to get through it before Betsy brought the kids over for their basket trade and mini visit before their trip to church. Graycen was so excited for her basket. She was so interested in pulling every single thing out and not really focusing too much on any one thing. She loved pulling the pink grass out and unwrapping the Hershey Kisses. She only unwrapped them, didn't eat them - how weird!

Betsy and the kids (Connor & Catelyn - which are our God-children) came over. They got their Easter baskets from us and Graycen got hers from Betsy. They all wanted to eat their candies and didn't care about anything else. Go figure! They got to play for a while and then it was time to go.

Graycen went down for what became a 3 hour tour... a 3 hour tour... oh sorry, I meant - uh, nap! David slept the whole time she was sleeping. I cleaned up the Easter massacre of wrappers and grass that occurred in the living room and took care of the breakfast dishes. We were supposed to be to my aunt's house at 2:00 but I knew as of 1:20, that was NOT going to be happening. Graycen and David didn't wake up until 2:30. Wow! I got her dressed (I was already dressed and ready to get out that door) and we headed off!
We got to enjoy some super nummy food for dinner and some wonderful company of family. I, initially, hadn't wanted to go anywhere... like usual, but am so glad that we did! My brother brought his daughter, Alexis: age 2, and her and Graycen had a GREAT time playing! YAY!
We came home and finished the night off with some reading of books, a super crazy diaper explosion, bath time and bed time! It was crazy...but would it be a holiday if it weren't?
Last night, I ended up dying eggs - alone! I had a good time but can't wait until Graycen (and Parker, of course) is old enough to join me!

OK, time to go. We're going to watch In the Land of Women.

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Anonymous said...

Nice that it was a good day for all. Love and miss all.... Ma