Saturday, March 22, 2008

Graycen: In Pictures

Reading her Easter card from Grandma & Grandpa Jones

Showing me that she is eating her M&Ms from Grandma & Grandpa Jones

Checking out her "mumny" (bunny) from Grandpa & Grandpa Jones

Wearing Dad's t-shirt

Trying to get out of Dad's t-shirt

Hanging out with her favorite guy

Trying not to get swiped by the kitty

Catching up on her blogging

Trying to put Robin's Eggs in her ears

Getting mad when the pink one wouldn't stay


Marketing Mama said...

Great pics, I think it's funny when you post pictures of her when she's frustrated or upset. Like the t-shirt and the eggs in the ear. Gives me a tiny glimpse of her personality! ;)

Anonymous said...

Love love love pictures. Thanks you know me.. love pictures.. I can not believe how long Dolly's hair has gotten since I was there last.