Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Is it bad when...

  • I say to the mail lady "Oh, it looks like it's magazine day" and she responds with "ha. Every day is magazine day for you!"?
  • I want to just throw a movie in for Graycen and lay on the couch and do nothing?
  • I leave for work an extra 15 minutes early so I can get a 'treat' (coffee) on my way in?
  • I don't feel like taking a shower, so I just wash my hair instead?
  • I let Graycen stay in her pjs all day long?
  • I eat a spoonful of cool whip and only cool whip??
  • I tell the people from the Star Tribune or Pioneer Press I already subscribe to their paper so I can get them off of the phone without listening to their 'fantastic offers'

I felt like doing this post because I stumbled upon a website called truemomconfessions.com and am now addicted to going there are reading what these women post about. Some women I can totally feel for and agree with, some I feel extremely bad for and well, there are some that I just have to laugh at! Care to add your own?


Steph said...

I have done many of those things as well. The one I laughed the most at, probably because I thought no one else did it, was the washing the hair and not taking a shower!

Marketing Mama said...

LOL about the mail lady - that's hilarious!!! :)