Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The ABCs of Me!

I am finding it is harder to find something to write about every single day (without telling you what i did every day) I did a little searching online and a recommended topic was ABCs of yourself. So, here we go!
  • A: My age is 25
  • B: I had to start wearing a bra when I was in the 3rd grade. Talk about embarrassing.
  • C: I have two cats and their names are Lazy and Crunchers
  • D: My family had a dog for about 10 years. His name was Max and he had to be put down last winter :( I miss him.
  • E: I got my ears pierced for the first time when I was 6. It happened when I was with my dad - my mom had no idea and was furious!
  • F: My favorite kind of flowers are daisies.
  • G: My daughter's name is Graycen. If she had been a boy, his name would have been Grayson.
  • H: The only time I have ever had to be in the hospital is when I had Graycen. *knock on wood*
  • I: I could eat ice cream any time of the day. It doesn't matter if I am full or not, either.
  • J: I love raspberry jam. My sister in law, Sherri, makes AWESOME raspberry jam!
  • K: My name looks like it would be pronounced Christine, but it's actually pronounced Kristin.
  • L: I wish I was fluent in another language. I can get by with my Spanish but it is far from being fluent.
  • M: My least favorite word ever is the word 'moist' It just sounds disgusting.
  • N: I am so glad NaBloPoMo is almost over. I am having a hard time coming up with things to post about daily.
  • O: I honestly didn't know there really was such a thing as an octopus until about 5 years ago. I thought they were fictional sea creatures. Crazy, huh?
  • P: When referring to underwear, I don't like hearing them called panties. I have always hated that word and refuse to use it. I call them underwear. The word sounds so dirty to me.
  • Q: I just had Quiznos for the first time a couple of weeks ago! YUM!! Their broccoli cheddar soup is SO GOOD!
  • R: I love to read. I don't do it very often anymore, unfortunately.
  • S: I have 6 siblings; 2 brothers and 4 sisters and love them with all of my being!
  • T: My favorite store to go to is Target. I always spend too much money there, though.
  • U: I know all of the words to and absolutely love the song "Under the Sea" from The Little Mermaid.
  • V: My aunt married a guy named Vince Jones. I dated a guy in high school named Vince and married a guy with the last name Jones. Kind of weird. I am also the 3rd woman to marry a 'Jones' on my mom's side of the family.
  • W: I joined Weight Watchers about 2 months before I got pregnant with Graycen. It was working. I think I might do it again after Parker is born.
  • X: I have never seen an x-rated movie. I also never intend to.
  • Y: I wish I could wear the color yellow. I love it but it doesn't look good with my hair and coloring.
  • Z: When we were little, my brothers and I used to put on big, black sunglasses like the guys in ZZ Top and sing "She's got eggs, she knows how to use them" We really thought it was eggs not legs! It explains why my mom used to laugh so much when we sang it.


MIP said...

Oh my god, I didn't even finish reading your ABC's because as soon as I got to the M I knew I had to comment... I HATE the word moist. Blech.

Marketing Mama said...

Fun stuff - I learned a lot about you!

Note to self, tell Mitch he's never allowed to get our daughter's ears pierced without my permission.

I hate the word panties, too.

pianomomsicle said...

i agree with you about yellow: it's one of my fav colours but when i wear it, i look like i'm dying. i'm a very pasty lady with olive skin and that does not work with yellow.
At least there are colours like green and brown that work on us, right?

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