Sunday, February 17, 2008

Wow! Parker sure was spoiled yesterday!!

Yesterday on our big shopping adventure we found LOTS of stuff on clearance! For once, I was the person that went shopping and hit all of the awesome clearance deals! I have never been that person to be so lucky as to walk away with even a couple things off the clearance racks.. I just don't get lucky in that way. Well, yesterday was a whole different story. Toys R Us had 75% off the regular price, JC Penney had 75% off the regular price, Kohls had 75-80% off the regular price and Old Navy had 50% off the clearance price (which was about 70% off the regular price) and 40% off a lot of their regular priced clothes. I found SO MUCH for Parker and most of it was Carter's. Can't beat whole Carter's outfits priced at $4 a pop! Here's how much we (us and Ma) spoiled Parker yesterday.
0-3 Months Clothes

3-6 Months Clothes

6-9 Months Clothes

My 3 favorite items

Parker's qinter apparel for next year. I got this for only $13.49 at Toys R Us

The only thing that needs to be exchanged for another size

"The Pile" - total dollars spent $193 (between us and Ma)

Graycen's clothes too


Anonymous said...

I had so much fun yesterday...and of course the hardest thing for me to do is the leave. If I always seem in such a rush to leave, it is because I have to leave as quickly as possible or I start crying right away. The crying pretty much starts the minute I get in my truck and drive off.

Emilie said...

Aw, cute! This makes me want to go buy new clothes for our little one ... even though he absolutely doesn't need them!

Marketing Mama said...

Oh wow - that is a LOT of clothes - how wonderful for Parker! :)

pianomomsicle said...

My David has that brown and blue puppy outfit, too. i was so sad when he outgrew it! It's one of my favorite outfits for him! Way to get great deals on cute clothes!