Sunday, February 17, 2008

A First With Grams

When we were at Maplewood Mall yesterday Graycen got to do something super cool for the first time! She went on the carousel with her Grams. We weren't 100% how she would feel being on there and I don't think she was at first either. There were a couple little smiles and also blank stares. I think they were more like "I don't quite understand what's going on here but I think I like it." It was evident that when she got off, she had enjoyed herself as she started crying when we tried putting her in her stroller. She tried reaching for the horses. Poor girl! It was nice because she got to experience a first time doing something and it was with her loving Grams.

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Anonymous said...

I agree...I think she was more in wonderment and first time experience mode. But yes, it was evident when she got off that she wanted more. I felt really bad. Next time we go for 2 rides