Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I can't believe she is one today!

Breakfast Time
Lunch Time
After Dinner and Getting Pictures Done
Bed Time

I really can't believe that one year ago this little one was born! Ever since I started this blog, I kept thinking of all of the wonderful things I would have to say when her first birthday finally came around. Here we are...and I am at a loss for words!
We waited so anxiously through the entire pregnancy to find out if we had a little baby Grayson or a little baby Graycen. If you haven't figured it out, Grayson was for a boy and obviously, Graycen, for a girl. She came out with lots of hair and she was gorgeous! It seems so weird to me that one whole year has gone by already! Little Graycie has done and learned so much in that time! She is inches from walking and then the real fun/trouble begins! She crawls, cruises, stands, talks, claps..everything! She actually says words. Duck, Ny-ny, Mama, Dada, Ernie. Aww...

Well, I don't have a whole lot to say. which really is a rare thing. We are taking things a little easy today and getting her pictures done this evening. I will post that later! We'll do a little birthday dinner and our own mini-celebration. The big celebration is on Sunday!


Missy said...

Happy Birthday!!!! She's so adorable, wow, that first year goes by so fast. :)

LutherLiz said...

What a cutie! Happy Birthday Graycen!

Katie Osborn said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful cousin!