Thursday, August 30, 2007

A double dose of the Friday Five

I was looking through the backlog of the Friday 5s and found the first set of questions. I kept on digging and found the second set. I thouth they were nice for now. Kind of fitting. So I decided to give a double dose of the Friday 5! Hope you enjoy it! Have a great, happy and safe Labor day weekend. Maybe you can even get to the fair.
Five Favorites
**5 everyday favorites ** the morning sunshine, Graycen's smile, a cold coke, during the week - morning chats with Betsy and when David comes home from work
**4 mood-lifters ** ice cream or coffee - they really area tie, David's jokes, Graycen being silly, that morning sunshine that i spoke of moments ago
**3 reasons to get out of bed** Graycen, again...the sunshine, plans for the day
**2 people you love** There are a LOT more than 2, but most of all, David & Graycen
**1 thing you love about yourself** My ability to be kind to people. It's just not in my nature to be rude and/or mean. I just can't do it.

Five in a Row
**Name one thing you do everyday** Brush my teeth
**Name two things you wish you could learn** How to play the acoustic guitar and how to dance the Salsa
**Name three things that remind you of your childhood** sidewalk chalk, sledding, coloring **Name four things you love to eat but rarely do** Krispy Kreme donuts, corn on the cob, my grandma's stuffing, lemon meringue pie.
**Name five things that make you feel good** When someone pays me a compliment (even though I don't take them well,) morning sunshine, when someone gives me flowers, David's hugs (and kisses,) trying on clothes that actually fit!

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