Sunday, May 20, 2007

my heart-warming weekend

This weekend I really felt so special and so wonderful to be the mother of a beautiful little girl. I didn't do anything special, but Graycen sure did lots of special things.
We have this new cup that is a Nuby Cup with a straw - we gave it to her at the start of the week and by yesterday, she had it mastered!
For about 1 month now, Graycen has been waving and every time she does we say "hi graycie" or "bye-bye." Well, today, I said "bye-bye" when I left the room and I waved to her - I was shocked to see, she waved back!!! It was so beautiful! I wanted to cry.
I was also surprised to see when I was sitting there and she turned to me, put her arms on my leg and pulled herself to me. What a strong little girl!
Also - Graycen is really trying to get this crawling thing down. Today, she pulled herself from crawling position all the way back to a sitting position with no help. She walked her little arms backwards, pushed one leg out to the side and pulled the other one in. Next thing I know, she is sitting and I didn't help her once!
She is getting so big and developing so fast. It's wonderful to watch. I find it so amazing how babies learn so many things that we cannot teach them. They really are little geniuses.


Missy said...

Hi Kristine! I haven't had a chance to watch all the videos you've posted, but I did watch the raspberries one and it was hilarious! I've never seen a baby do that so many times in a row before. :)

Steph said...

Oh how exciting! Isn't it great to watch your little one achieve milestones? Who knew as a mother things that would excite you and make your heart soar would be a small child achieving tasks that seem so insignificant before becoming a mother! It's amazing how babies change your life so much! By the way, we should get together soon!! Call me when you're free, school is over for me so I'm as free as a bird :)

Sebekacj said...

Oh how wonderful. I sure hope we get to see things like that when your here. Love it .... Love it.