Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Our Fun Adventure Day!

Yesterday Graycen and I joined Steph & her daughter, Hailey for a little day of fun! We started the day with a trip to the Children's Museum (Graycen's 1st time there), where it was packed with all kinds of kids!! We brought the girls up to the Habitot Gallery, where they played and had a good time! They didn't really play together, but they had fun separately. It was pretty cute.

Here is Graycen just laying in front of a bog window overlooking Downtown St Paul.

Playing with the flowers and spitting. She likes to spit a lot!

Just a cute picture.

Concentrating on something.

Overlooking Downtown, again.

Finally, we were done at the Children's Museum. There were way too many kids for it to be worth it to Steph and I to look at all of the exhibits, so we decided to skip out of there. From there, we went to the MN Zoo (Graycen's 3rd time already!) We weren't able to hang around for too long since they close at 4pm during the week until Memorial Day. We had enough time to eat something, check out the Tropics Trail, where we saw a Shark Feeding and peek at Discovery Bay. That was it!

Graycen getting pretty excited after watching the fish in the tank.

Hailey seems kind of bored!

Are we done yet?

You would think we were done for the day, wouldn't you?! Well, we weren't! We were leaving the Zoo right during rush hour, so Steph got the idea to go to the Mall of America (Graycen's 2nd time there) We walked around a little, walked through the Park at MOA and stopped and had a crepe. Which I had never enjoyed before! Boy, was it de-lish! After that, I was completely exhausted and we decided to leave. Besides the fact that I was so tired, Graycen was as well and she needed to be fed (food, not a bottle) We had such a fun day and I am glad we could go!

Now this weekend we are heading up north, for an out of town trip, to visit David's parents and attend his nephew's high school graduation. This will be the first time David's dad will get to meet Graycen! We are so excited. I will post all about it with pictures when we come back! Have a safe and happy Memorial Day, all.

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Katie Osborn said...

Oh i'm so glad that you put up so many pictures of Graycen!! And I can't wait for this weekend either! YAY!!