Saturday, May 19, 2007 crawling....YET!!

For the past week or so, Graycen has really been feeling the itch to crawl. She has yet to accomplish this mighty feat! Every day, she will sit there, lean forward and put her hands down on the floor, get on one knee, try to bring the other one out and rock back and forth. It is so cute. The whole time she is doing the rocking, she makes a snuffling noise and scrunches up her face. I will try to capture a video or picture of it tomorrow. I feel bad, I can't believe I hadn't updated on this subject until my lovely second mom brought it up to me, she thought I wasn't updating so we could surprise her with a crawling baby this weekend. Sorry Ma. Any day now our little girl will be crawling. I will be sure to update when she does crawl!!


Sebekacj said...

Thank you dear sweet Kristine. I appreciate the update. I know that I will see all three of you in about 5 days, but love day to day information as well. Graycen's garden is coming along. It now has a doodoo bird in it.

Emilie said...

Daniel is doing this, too! I swear, he is going to take off any day, but for now, he just gets into position and then doesn't quite know what to do next. So cute!