Friday, May 4, 2007

Friday Five!

I can't believe it is another Friday! Tomorrow Graycen will be 8 months old (according to calendar months, not weeks. If we were counting by weeks, she would actually be 8 1/2 months old already) It's so crazy how time flies once you have a child. I am loving every minute of it though. Happy Friday everyone!

**Whether you’ve ever been there or not, what are your thoughts on Texas? I have been there - once. We went to Six Flags in Flagstaff. We actually drove there from Oklahoma when we were visiting my aunt Rae one summer. It was pretty fun. Oh ok...I have to answer the question. Hmm... what do I think of Texas? It is hot!
**Who was the last person you sent a text message to? If you’ve never sent someone a text message, is there some reason? It was my mom.
**Who’s usually the first person you go to when you have a tech-related problem, especially for computers? My mom or I ask David to ask one of the guys at work (he works at Best Buy, so there are lots of people to ask there!)
**What was the best textbook you were ever assigned? Anything that was math related!Yes, I loved math....what a nerd!
**What are your thoughts on techno music? It's not for me. I am sure it could be fun to dance to, though.

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