Monday, May 7, 2007

MN Zoo - Trip #2!

Graycen and I went to the MN Zoo on Saturday with our friends, Stephanie and Hailey. We had a good time. Graycen slept the majority of the time. We also got stuck in the rain while we were at the back of the zoo looking at and petting the farm animals. It was a good time though!

Here are some cute little sheep! They were adorable!

Graycen sleeping in the stroller. She was missing all the action!

Cute little baby goats. The big goats kept trying to steal the food away from them, so as soon as you gave them a piece of food, they would run away with it.

Stephanie feeding the goats.

Graycen awake and in a good mood. Of course it was pretty much the end of the trip.

Playing with her new fishy from the zoo.

Playing some more with her little fish.

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Sebekacj said...

I just cannot wait to see her at the end of this month. Seeing her with her fishy from the zoo.. Grandma is hoping that she will like the fishing that Grandma got her.. That is funny that I got her fishies to play with and she got a fish at the zoo. Next thing you know... this old Grandma will have her fishing on the lake.