Thursday, May 3, 2007

just for fun

I have decided it was time for another fun post! We need more pictures. Heck, we can always use more pics of cute babies!! These pictures are all just some randoms from the last two weeks or so.

Graycen playing in her favorite place, the bed!!

Graycen's first time sitting in a high chair at a restaurant. We went to Applebee's and she was very well behaved. :) She actually had a really fun time.

Just being cute and laying with her legs in the air - like she usually does when on her back! I thought the framing was really neat.

One day David introduced Graycen to the wind chime on our front porch and since that day, Graycen cannot pass it without looking up at it, just itching to play with it.

Being adventurous and trying to climb into her carrier car seat.

Playing with daddy's headset and controller for the Xbox 360. Yes, daddy is teaching her early.

No pictures please!

Oh, man! The paparazzi!


Emilie said...

Oh how adorable! And she is getting to look so much older - almost more like a little girl than a baby.

Daniel has things around the house that he loves to gaze at, too - certain pieces of art we have hanging on the wall, a round, red holly-mistletoe ball we hang up in a doorway for Christmas. We haven't taken it down yet because he loves it so much. And he is really into light fixtures, for some reason!

Anonymous said...

More pictures.. I love it. Of course I copy them to my computer and I printed one more out. My little cork board on the refrig is overflowing. Dad and I are going to have to make some changes to the big cork board in the dining room so move them to it. She is becoming her own little person, how fun is that.. wait until she wants to be independent.. then the fun really begins.

Sara K said...

So cute! I LOVE the Xbox 360 picture!

I think Graycen and Sophia are close to the same size. How big is she now? And I think they have a lot of the same clothes, too!

Sophia has been fascinated with light fixtures since the day she was born. And ceiling fans. When she was about two months old, she would coo and smile at the ceiling fan in our family room. I've always said it was her first friend :-)