Monday, March 26, 2007

Our Fun Weekend (part 1)

We had a fun-filled weekend!!! On Friday, since the weather was GORGEOUS, we decided to go for a walk with Graycen. This is honestly, the first time we have taken her for a walk outside in her stroller. She LOVED it! The whole time she was looking all around and kicking her little legs. It was fun. Here are some pics from her first walk in the stroller, outside!

Friday night was the first time I have seen Graycen put her feet in her mouth. She would always play with them and grab them, but this was the first time they went in her mouth - well, while we were watching. It was so cute.

Here is Graycen playing with one of her new favorite "toys" It is my cell phone. She goes nuts every time I let her even touch it. I caught a few pics of her playing with it - which consists of sticking it as far as she can in her mouth.

part 2 is on the way - with more pics!!


GrandmaCJ said...

I just love that little face. GrandmaCJ sure wishes she could be there to do that as well. Love you my little girl. I sure like that little Emily you have in your stroller. Love to your Mommy and Daddy also.

LutherLiz said...

Cute pictures! I wish I were that flexible!