Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Our Fun Weekend (part 2)

On Saturday as I was doing the laundry, a little baby Graycen happened to get lost in the pile. I wonder how that happened?!?

On Sunday, Graycen and I went to a bridal shower for Sarah. This was the first bridal shower Graycen has attended! We had a lot of fun and Graycen was very well behaved.

This is Jessica and her daughter, Daphne. Jessica was my manager at Best Buy. We were lucky enough to experience first-time pregnancies with each other, as we were both pregnant and in the same department at the same time! She had her daughter 12 days after Graycen was born.

Graycen was having a great time playing with Sarah's niece, Madeline. They were so cute together. Madeline is 15 months old, and honestly, not too much bigger than Graycen.

Sunday night, after all of the commotion, Graycen relaxed on the floor - next to dad - and played with her fun toys. Graycen now understands when you point the camera at her - to smile. It's cute. This is her "generic" smile that she does some times. Little stinker.

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GrandmaCJ said...

Boy does GrandmaCJ need to hug her little Graycie. You may be your Mommy and Daddy's little sweet pea, but your Grandma's little sunflower... hugs and kisses. Love you.