Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday Five!

This is something we use to do on the message board that I belong to. It is called The Friday Five. I decided it was something fun to do and I am starting it up again, but in my blog! Copy if you would like to participate too!!

**How’s your car running? Our car is running well.
**How’s your blood pressure? I haven't had it checked recently, but after my post-partum check ups. It was GREAT!
**How’s work (or school)? Work is fine. Same old same old!
**How’s 2007 so far? It has been fun so far! It has also brought on some very stressful things for us. But this is looking to be a promising year! I am starting a new job and our baby is turning one!!
**How’s your hair? Horrible! I haven't had it cut since August of last year. Actually, it was one week before Graycen was born!

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liz said...

Yay, thanks! I posted in my blog :)