Friday, March 23, 2007

My baby is growing up - or so it seems. And other stuff!

I have really noticed, as of late, that Graycen is changing so much! It seems like everyday she is doing something different. Over the past few days she has done nothing but "talk" Boy, does she love to talk! She is grabbing everything in sight and reaching for everything else. I remember when she was a tiny baby and the only thing she would do was lay there and look at us. Now she is moving all around, squirming and squiggling off of my lap, sitting so well for about 30 minutes at a time, grabbing toys from all around her, eating fruits and veggies (which I make myself!) drinking water or watered down juice from her sippy cup. Oh! She also tries to take off her diaper. When did she grow up?!


Graycen is getting her pictures taken today! I am so excited!


Graycen and I are attending a bridal shower this weekend. It will be Graycen's first shower (yes, she was invited too) We went to a baby shower last weekend and she was VERY well behaved!


We have been invited to Sarah's* wedding in May. We have the option of staying overnight in a hotel. The big debate is if we should have an overnight baby sitter so we can go.... I don't know if I can bear to be away from my baby that long!

*Sarah is a friend from Best Buy. She was also my old supervisor/manager. She is also the bride of the shower we are going to!


I am getting a new elliptical machine tomorrow!! It was my grandparents' and they are getting rid of it. They have NEVER even used it. So I was the lucky one to receive it. This should make losing some of that baby weight a little easier.
In addition to the elliptical machine, I am starting Weight Watchers again this weekend. We're going to give it another go!


Katie Osborn said...

Yay for weight watchers! Heres a website that I like to check out...this woman has gone through weight watchers and lost a bunch of my favorite part is that she includes a listing of restuarants and the points of the meals there...I love it!

Molly said...

I'll watch baby!! I'll watch baby! LoL.