Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Works for me Wednesday :: Zip it up

Last weekend when we decided to take a trip to the zoo we forgot the stroller. Now, with two kids in tow and a diaper bag you know this was going to be interesting. Well, Graycen decided she didn't want to wear her little zip up jacket and the diaper bag was too full to jam it in there. My only options were going to be:
  • A: Tie it around her waist and constantly watch to make sure it doesn't fall off.
  • B: Carry it around and have one less hand for child handling and making sure I don't set it down somewhere.
  • C: Make her wear it even though she didn't want to.
  • D: Figure something out - pronto!

Thankfully I was able to think of something out - pronto! I took her jacket, wraped it around the strap of the diaper bag (like the strap was the body) and zipped it up. Now her jacket was not going to go anywhere because it was closed around the strap of the diaper bag! That works for me!

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