Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Day at the Zoo

Last weekend we decided to take a trip to Como Zoo. I kind of thought it would be just packed since it was Memorial Day weekend, the weather was gorgeous and well, it was a Saturday. It wasn't too crowded and surprisingly, we found a parking spot in the mini lot right next to the carousel and entrance - that was amazing and a good sign things were going to go well! Yep, things went well for all of like 2 seconds. We got out of the car and David went to set up the stroller when he opened up the trunk to two huge Rubbermaid bins of kids clothes. CRAP! I forgot to take the bins out and put the double stroller in. I've been meaning to go to Once Upon A Child for the last couple of weeks and have yet to make it there. Usually the stroller is in the trunk so there's never a worry about it. Well, not this time. So, we just have Graycen walk and David said he'd carry Parker. I remembered they had strollers you could rent and then once we got inside I thought that it was only the MN Zoo that had strollers for rent since I didn't see them anywhere. It's OK, we'll handle it. About 20 minutes in I see a family with rented strollers. DRAT! We could have rented a stroller. Oh well. We made our way through the zoo just fine. We weren't too hot, it wasn't too crowded and Graycen did a fantastic job of staying by us! They both enjoyed the animals and I think Parker enjoyed the fish more than anything. All in all, it was a good trip.
My only disappointment was the fact that we got pictures of Graycen on the turtle like we've done every time we've gone but couldn't get Parker's. The line was way too long after we took Graycen's picture and Parker was so ready to go. Next time we go I guess we'll get one. I'm just hoping we make there again this summer.
Now, for your viewing pleasure - MILLIONS of pictures!


Anonymous said... the pictures. Especially the ones with you and Parkster and David and Parkster

Anti-Supermom said...

We've yet to go to Como Zoo, we have a membership at the Minnesota zoo, so we just go there,

but we will have to make a stop. I'm surprised it wasn't busy too.

The pictures are great. Everyone looks like they are having a blast.

Jeni said...

Those kiddos are just too cute! Glad things worked out okay without a stroller, I know I would have definitely had to pause with two kids in tow.

Rachel said...

Do they still have "Sparky the Seal" at Como? They're probably on their 10th Sparky by now. :)