Sunday, April 12, 2009

Siblings and Sunshine

Today was such a nice day that we couldn't resist taking the kids out. The original plan was to take them to the zoo or the park or something but in true busy/tired parent fashion, it just didn't happen. I was trying to get things done around here (since the weekend is my only "free" time) and after that, David fell asleep on the couch for a little nap. By the time all was said and done it was about 4:30 or so and that was just too late to go anywhere. So... we grabbed the chalk. some shades, a ball and headed outside. Both kids had a blast. Here's a few pictures. It was just too hard to try and decide on a couple..

"Mommy, stay right there!" She seriously said that to me. I think she wanted to put her shades on first.
"OK Mommy. Look"

He looks sneaky but was actually clapping.

Parker getting yelled at by Graycen for taking a piece of chalk.

Chalk does too taste nummy.

Drawing a picture for mommy with the chalk. It's so cute that he kept trying.

Awww... They do know how to play well together.

Graycen thinking she has to put the chalk right in front of the camera for me to see it.


Emily said...

Ah! So sweet!

Anonymous said...

I just love these pictures... now I have to decide which one to use for my desktop