Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Works for me Wednesday - Family

Christmas through the eyes of a child such a beautiful thing. It's making me cry right now just thinking about it.

** I'm looking forward to tonight (after all of the festivities) when we will come home and start our new tradition. Graycen can open up 2 presents - one being new jammies and one being a gift that we'll let her choose.

** I am looking forward to tomorrow morning when Graycen wakes up, comes out to the living room and sees the presents under the tree. She will have a rocking chair (which was sent by Grandma to make it here for Christmas morning) assembled next to the tree with a big bow on it!

We really didn't spend a lot on her this year (since she really wouldn't know anyways) but instead we got her lots of inexpensive things and things she will really enjoy. I am feeling extra blessed this Christmas. I mean, we have our health, each other, a place to live, David has a job and we have food to eat. We're not well-off, by any means, but we have enough to live our little family life. I feel so blessed to have two beautiful, healthy children and a husband that loves me. I feel blessed to have so much family that loves us and supports us in whatever decision we decide to make. I feel blessed to have the money to be able to give Graycen presents for Christmas.
Ok - I'm back to crying again. I think it's time to stop this post now. I hope everyone has a wonderful, special, family and love filled holiday.
What do you know - Parker is crying and ready for me to get him.

Merry Christmas!

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Anonymous said...

Of course I cried too... I miss you guys so much.. and I am thinking that the freezing rain might keep me home.. not sure.. will play it by what I see going on.... you are such a beautiful person.

Love You more
your other Mom