Friday, October 3, 2008

A Colorful Friday!

I found this neat little thing called Colorstrology through Goodyblog. If you want to find out your color go here. The color it selected for me is actually one of my favorites already! How perfect.

On a color related note: want to test your Color IQ? You have to put colored blocks in order by their tone and hue. It was kind of fun (and hard) I scored a 7 (on a scale of 0-99 and 1 being perfect) If you do it, I'd be interested to know what you scored. Good luck!


LutherLiz said...

That was fun. I got a 4 on the Color IQ test but it was hard!

Katie Osborn said...

I also got a 7, but agree that it was hard!

Rebecca said...

Tag, you're it! (See my blog to find out what I mean.)