Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Out darn spots!

Another Wednesday, another Works for Me Wednesday post!

It seems no matter what dishwasher soap or rinse aid I use, we ALWAYS have those icky water spots/residue on our dishes. I have finally learned what works (for me, at least) to keep them away. I let the dishwasher run its full cycle. As soon as the last rinse has gone by, I go back and turn the dishwasher to rinse again. If I rinse twice, we have no spots! YAY!
This is nice because I was constantly changing dishwasher soaps and rinse aids. Although, last week I did get a coupon book in the mail from Home Made Simple that had a coupon for a free Cascade Crystal Clear Rinse Aid. That was nice - it saved me $3.19.
For tips from other people, go visit Rocks In My Dryer.


Motherhood for Dummies said...

yeaaaa! It is hard to find what way makes your dishwasher work best. Ours is making sure the garbage disposal is competly empty

ttelroc said...

I found that not using the heat setting works for me -- the trick is to remember to open the dishwasher door so that the steam is let out.

I only use my dishwasher every few months though - I'm an insane person who prefers to handwash lol

Have a great day!

Beth said...

hold your horses, you have someone one here that prefers to handwash :) wowza!

Thanks for the tip, I might be trying this.

Felton/Casey said...

I just use a little white vinigar and put it where the spot free stuff usually goes in my dishwasher. I also do not use the heat drying though.

Rebecca said...


Now that you've posted on my site I suppose I have to out myself as a lurker here. I've been lurking a while. Yes, I have been watching your due date countdown tickers... sigh. Although, I have to say, I thought you would have had Parker by now. I'm surprised you're still pregnant! So much for my educated guessing. I have been checking in daily to see if you have posted a birth announcement!

Oh, and I wanted to say that I had been wondering if you had already created a new blog name for when Parker joins the family. I was surprised to see your recent post that you just realized that you may have to update the name. I was thinking you already had one picked and were holding back on all of us lurkers until you were ready to release it along with Parker's birth announcement!

And I totally related to your mourning the end of Graycen's time as the only child. You caught that on my birth story post. I really struggled with it. The best advice I got was from a friend who is an only child. When I shared my sadness about losing the one-on-one relationship I had with our daughter, she said, "I bet you are sad about that. Who wouldn't be? But, you are giving her the best gift you can give a child - a sibling. Her brother will mean the world to her, and you are giving him to her." I send those same words of wisdom your way.

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