Saturday, June 14, 2008

The last week

I am wondering just how much longer I will go. It's so hard to say. I am still having contractions but nothing regular yet. I have the pre/early-labor stomachache (had this a day or so before I went into labor with Graycen.)Lost the plug (which could happen weeks before hand - with Graycen I lost it a few days beforehand)
I am steadily finishing up the last few things on my list of things to get done. Got the laundry done yesterday as well as grocery shopping and some last minute cleaning. Things are mostly in order, organized and out for Ma for when she is watching Graycen.
I have my next doctor appointment on Monday - anxious to know if I make it to my appointment. Watch, because I say all of this stuff, I will go over my due date... ugh!
Will I make it to week 40? Any guesses on when I will go?


Steph said...

I'm gonna say Thursday, June 19th

Beth said...

I'm betting you are having that baby right about now.

Doesn't that feel better?!
Good luck~

Anonymous said...

Parker was waiting until his Grandma Jones was officially on vacation so she could make it down there to watch his big sister. OK my sweet Parker, Grandma is waiting.