Saturday, May 24, 2008

What a way to celebrate 36 weeks

So, for once, I have no idea how much I should worry about something. Just this evening I got my results back from my Group B Strep test. I tested positive. My stomach sank when I read the result. David was already in bed, so I had nobody to even talk to about it.
Of course, the researcher in me has to know everything about this now. I can't stop googling and clicking on millions of websites (to basically read the same thing I just read on the last web page.) I keep crying because I read things here and there that make me scared. Like the following:

"Sadly, about 5 percent die, and some of the survivors end up with neurological problems like vision or hearing loss and cerebral palsy."

"Approximately 1 of every 100-200 babies who are born to mothers who carry GBS will become ill"

"it can lead to life-threatening complications, such as inflammation of the lungs (pneumonia), inflammation of the membranes and fluid surrounding the brain and spinal cord (meningitis), or infection in the bloodstream (sepsis)."

I know there are lots of good things to see in these articles as well, but of course, when it is your child's life you are thinking about, only the bad ones seem to make an impact. Some of the more positive things I have read are:

"the good news is that getting screened when you're between 35 and 37 weeks of pregnancy and receiving antibiotic treatment during labor if you test positive will greatly reduce your baby's risk of becoming infected."

"by getting treated with antibiotics during labor, you reduce your baby's chance of getting the infection even further — to about one in 4,000. "

"if you're a GBS carrier, your baby's medical team will observe him closely for signs of infection."


Marketing Mama said...

Kristine, I'm sorry to hear this. The good news is that you know about it so you can be treated. I know it must be a huge bummer and obviously you are upset, but I'm sure your doctor has seen lots of women with this before... It's pretty common (I think!).

Hang in there. I'm sure after you talk to your doc and get support from David that you'll be feeling much better... :) Hugs to you!

Steph said...

Aw, Kristine. I totally know what you mean about only the negative things making an impact, I'm the same way. But we have to keep reminding ourselves that those "worst case scenarios" are just that, worst case scenarios. Plus, you could be glad that they caught it so they can treat it properly during labor, one thing to be thankful for I suppose! I pray all goes well during labor!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the other two ... the bad news is the one thing that stays forward on our mind especiall when a loved one is involved.... but you have to hang onto the good news.. and the fact that you were tested... and they can treat you so that Parker has a will be just fine. I also am possitive that there are thousands of women testing positive, being treated and all is well. You doctor will take good care of you along with your nurses when the time comes....hang in there. If your doctor or nurse does not call you Monday... you call them.. talk to them... get their opinion and that will put you at ease.. you'll see.... Ma... loves you very very much...

Monkeymama said...

I tested GBS positive with both my pregnancies. If you get the antibiotics, I really don't think there is much chance the baby will get infected. In fact, with both my kids, my labors went too quickly to get both doses of medication and they still did fine.

It's a bacteria that lives in many women, just some have more than others. In fact, it comes and goes, so there are women who have high levels of it and don't know because it increased after the test took place.

You didn't say anything about this, but remember that GBS isn't anything you "caught". My mom and MIL both thought it was some sort of STD or something and made me feel very bad about it.

If you've ever been treated for yeast infections, then it is not unusual that your GBS is high because it can have a boost in growth when the drugs for the yeast infection wipe out the things keeping the GBS in check.

Do you know if the statistics about babies getting ill include moms who took the antibiotics?

Anyway, try not to worry, I was told that this is the sort of thing that is pretty easy to protect against.

LutherLiz said...

That must be scary - but I agree with the others. With the Drs knowing about it it will be easier to keep Parker healthy and they will be observant of him and you. Try not to worry and trust the doctors.

MIP said...

Scary stuff, but I think the positive thing to remember is that your doctor's will be keeping an extra careful eye on you and Parker now that they know. Try not to worry too much.

Beth said...

I had GBS with my surro son and was treated like I did with Wyatt since he was born early, before I had a chance to get tested.

You will be treated before delivery and like a previous poster said, the chances of an infection after that are slim.

Try not to worry, it will all turn out wonderfully, with Parker in your arms.

liz said...

How scary - but I am sure it will be just fine! Hang in there and think positive thoughts! :)

Foxy5 said...

This is the 2nd time I came across your blog and just wanted to comment here.
I was group B+ with all 3 of my kiddos. Well, actually I was only tested with #1 and the Dr said once you have it you always have it. Even if a test comes up negative you have it (if you have already tested positive) It's a thing that works in cycles.
BUT there is NO need to worry. They like to give a few rounds of meds before baby is born. They will ask you to go to the hospital a little earlier than if you weren't group B+. (Contractions at 10 minutes instead of 5... or something like that) EVEN IF you would have the baby before they give you meds it can still be ok. Because the Dr's have the knowledge of you and Group B. I'm pretty sure my Dr told me something about giving the baby something if that were the case.
You have plenty of other things to think about this late in your pregnancy (like which flavor ice cream to eat and who is going to mop the kitchen floor) don't let a little Group B worry you.
Whew. Ok I feel better now, don't you? :)