Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Happy Anniversary Sweetheart!

I can't believe I forgot to post this!
Today is our 10 year anniversary! I can't believe David and I have been together for 10 years already - it's crazy!
In honor of our 10 years together, here is a picture from a couple of weeks after we started dating. If I remembered exactly where it was, I would scan the picture from the day after we started dating. I will try to find it later.

*we have suckers in our mouths, if you were wondering..*

Some interesting facts about our relationship...
  • Grade school wise, David grew up just about 1 mile from where I was growing up.

  • David and I went to the same grade school. I don't remember this but David does: The boys always played kickball at recess, well apparently he kicked the ball that hit me in the head. I have no idea how old I was or anything and I think it's very interesting that David remembers this and I don't.

  • When I was in 8th grade my friend, Nikki, was so excited for me to come to high school the next year because there was 'this guy' I just had to meet - and would totally love! It was David..

  • I met David on my first day of my freshman year of high school. Nikki was right, I was smitten.

  • On my 15th birthday (I was in 9th grade) We were sitting in the cafeteria. I had my hand around my juice can when all of a sudden, a piece of pizza came flying across the cafeteria and landed right on the top of my hand/pop can. I heard TONS of laughing from a bunch of guys on the other side of the cafeteria. Who threw it? David! He didn't throw it at me, he just threw it and it happened to land on my hand.

  • Our winter formal was coming up -it was going to be held on Valentine's Day. I decided I was going to ask David. The day I finally worked up the courage to ask him if he wanted to go with me, he wasn't at school. I was frantically searching for him so I wouldn't chicken out. End of the day, my friend was asking this guy, Eric, who he was going with, he said he didn't have a date yet and she suggested to him that we go together. He asked me, I felt bad and couldn't say no. So we went together. That night at Fling I tried calling David from the payphone at the dance and the line was tied up.... he was asking Mindi out and she was saying yes :(

I just think it's interesting the things that tied us together - all of these weird things.

10 years ago, we were in the hallway at school on our way to our 4th hour (which was ceramics) when David stopped me and said "would you be my girlfriend?" I smiled and said "of course!" It was the day I had been waiting for almost all school year - it was about time!


Marketing Mama said...

Oh how sweet! You two look so young and innocent in that picture. And yes, I was wondering why you looked like a chipmunk - thanks for explaining the suckers! :) Congrats on 10 years!

Steph said...

Aww, I remembering looking at all those pictures at your old house, they are so cute! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I hope you guys are able to do something fun, if not today, sometime soon!

Katie Osborn said...

Oh that is sweet! 10 years? Wow...that's a long time! Happy Anniversary, and don't forget to celebrate!

Kristie said...

10 years??? Wow. Actually Mike and I will have been togther 10 years this summer. Man how time flies.

Congratulations on your 10 years!

Kaosong said...

Sounds like it was definitely meant to be. I love reading fun stuff like that.

I hope you pass the 3 hour GD test. I know my sister didn't pass the first but then she did the 3 hour one.

Monkeymama said...

Congrats! What a cute photo!