Monday, February 11, 2008

Random thoughts for a chilly Monday

  • I forgot how much I LOVE Diet Coke with Lime until a few days ago when I found a bottle at the gas station that I HAD to buy! NUMMY!
  • I love real strawberry ice cream but hate the big frozen strawberry chunks.
  • I really wish I didn't have to work.
  • I hate that movies from our Queue don't ship over the weekend.
  • I wish I had the 4th disc of The L Word so I could finally finish up season 4!
  • I am so extremely tired today.
  • I can't wait until Saturday. Ma is coming down to visit us. It's been too long since the last visit.
  • I'm on the hunt for a good double stroller. One that I can also use with an infant carrier seat. If you have any recommendations, please share!
  • Even though we have LOTS of gender neutral clothes (since we didn't know if Graycen was a boy or girl) I still have quite the urge to get a ton of boy clothes!
  • Graycen and I are having a project night tomorrow! I am so excited!!!
  • Parker is quite the mover. Once 10:00pm hits, he is all over the place. Especially if I've had a bowl of ice cream.
  • I didn't know it was so hard to pick a bed for a toddler. Pretty much, I just need a twin size bed and some bed rails and I seem to be sooo picky! Should we just buy a metal frame? Should we get a whole bed with a headboard and footboard? Should we get just the headboard? I have no idea! Again, if you have any input, please share.


Anonymous said...

I am thinking that when I come down there.. we need to go the Penney's furnature store... also... you can get a bed with a headborad or a foot board... just a frame... and wait until she is older and let her decide... whatever works... Can't wait to get down there on Saturday...

Marketing Mama said...

Formatting, use the bullet function in your post instead of creating our own. Then it will format for you. :)

Regarding the bed decision, I went crazy, too, with all the same options. We ended up using our guest bed in Alex's room. It's a full size, but that turned out to be nice for us to lay in bed with him to read books. We started with just the mattress on the floor. Then we added the boxspring after a couple of weeks. We have not added the frame or headboard and probably won't for a long time - I like that he can easily get in and out without a step-stool. We still have it made up with nice sheets and a comforter, so it doesn't look too silly. Good luck!