Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Last night was a very uneventful night for us. My youngest brother, Zach, came over and played some video games with David and spent the night. I made him a birthday cake since his birthday was the day before. I made his favorite: chocolate cake with chocolate chips baked into it, frosted with chocolate frosting and topped with chocolate chips! It was delicious!!! I went in to put Graycen to sleep and fell asleep myself. Never made it til midnight - I didn't think I would anyways!
Here is the last picture taken of Graycen in 2007. It was taken at about 10:00pm when she was so tired but would not go to sleep - instead - we ate some fries with ketchup..then went to bed!

I have no resolutions for this year. My only plans are to have a wonderful baby, continue raising a wonderful child and love and support my husband all I can!

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