Monday, December 31, 2007

Our Christmas

I realized I never posted about Christmas. I get so behind on here now!

Our Christmas was long and I am actually glad it is all over! Graycen was spoiled (like we would expect anything less than that) we didn't get to spend enough time at home (also, wouldn't expect anything less than that) we ate super yummy food and got to spend time with some of our family.

Our festivities started the weekend before Christmas. We went to my Grandma's house the Saturday before. Graycen was more than spoiled by her great grandma :) She got cartridges for her V-Smile Baby, which great grandma bought her last year. A stack of magnetic books that are for learning, a couple regular books and a cute little kangaroo from Kohl's.

Sunday we were supposed to go to my dad's side of the family for Xmas, but I had to work. I haven't been to Xmas with them in YEARS and thought I was actually going for once. I was hoping we could go so people could see Graycen. What can you do?

Monday we went to my grandpa's house. Graycen got some foam letters for the tub wall, a Magna Doodle (which she gets a HUGE kick out of!) a huge teddy bear and some books. After that we went to my great aunt's house and everyone got to meet Graycen. She ran around the place and smiled at everyone! There was no way she was going to be shy that night. She was loving the attention and all of the cookies people were giving her!

My mom brought her gifts to my grandpa's house and we opened them for her there. She gave her this huge castle tent, which I will have to try and catch a picture of her playing in. She gets such a kick out of it! She also bought a 100 cookie cutter set which was actually a gift for her and I for the future and a Cabbage Patch Newborn (which I *LOVE* the smell of)

Tuesday we stayed home! It was heaven!!! David's mom sent Graycen's presents ahead of time and we saved them for Christmas morning for her. She got this cute little nap sack thing. Graycen will lay down in it and roll around. it's cute! She got a barking/walking/jumping puppy, a big soft doll and some peek-a-blocks! She is so cute with all of her new stuff and toys!!

Yesterday she opened up the presents from her second cousin, Ryan, which she would have gotten if we would have went to my dad's side of Xmas on Sunday. She got a cute Sesame Street My First Purse set. She puts all of the little things (keys, lipstick, cell phone..etc) in and out over and over again. It's adorable! She also got this cute Winnie the Pooh bear that has glow in the dark stars on his pjs. Maybe she'll take it to bed with her! She also got $10 from her great grandma and grandpa - it's already in her piggy bank!

Here are some pics. It's all I captured throughout the whole Christmas weekend. I am sad about that, but at least the pics I got of her were actually on Christmas.


Emilie said...

Daniel got a Magnadoodle for Christmas, too! He loves it ... and so does his dad. :)

Anonymous said...

Sure sounds like my Dolly was just a little spoiled. But look at that face... how could she not get spoiled. We have plenty of room to spoil her big brother or sister as well.....

Missy said...

Sounds like she made out like a bandit! Alex has one of those newborn Cabbage Patch dolls and I also love the smell of it. It's kind of weird they would make it's head scented, anyways, but I'm sure glad it's a scent I like! :)