Friday, October 19, 2007

the last thing....

Have a happy Friday! Try to stay dry this weekend!!

**What was the last thing you baked? A couple of nights ago I baked some chocolate chip cookies. The recipe called for margarine or butter but all I had was some Shedd's Spread. I should have known better and not even tried it, but I did and the cookies went right in the garbage - ICK!
**What was the last thing you tried on for size? I honestly cannot remember. That is VERY sad!
**What was the last thing you purchased on credit? I think it might have been a shirt that I bought from JC Penney - oh, that was the last thing I tried on for size!!
**What was the last thing you put a postage stamp on? I don't do anything by mail, I do it all online or over the phone, so the last thing would have been Thank You cards from Graycen's birthday party.
**What was the last thing you took a photo of? I have a 13 month old daughter, what do you think?? I use my camera every single day. As stated in my last post, I don't know what i would do without it.

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