Friday, October 26, 2007

Jingle all the way....

...and no, it's not Christmas related. This is kind of a good one. Came from five on friday. Have a great weekend!

** Do you ever find yourself singing advertising jingles? Too many times to count, I do!
**What are your favorite jingles? I REALLY like the Empire Carpets jingle - I don't know why... "800-588-2300...Empire!.......TODAY" One of my favorites since I was a kid, is the Folgers one. My favorite commercial for the Folgers jingle was the old one where the son comes home for Christmas and surprises the family when he makes coffee and they come down and see him there. I love it!
** Which jingles do you hate to hear? I hate the Car-X one. "Rattle, rattle, thunder, shatter, boom, boom, boom. Don't worry call the car-x man!" Yes, I hate it, but I know it! I also hate the National American University one. UGH!!!
** Why do you think jingles are so effective? Because they are catchy! You remember it, even if you hate it.
**Are jingles going the way of the dinosaur? Or do you think we're going to be singing them for the next 50 years? We'll be singing them forever! For as long as there are commercials, at least.

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