Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Wow...it's been a week already..

It seems like time is slipping away and I can't seem to get a hold on it. We have been so busy lately, yet, I don't know what it is that we have been doing. Here are just some things that have been going on.
Last week, we went to the MN Zoo with Stephanie and Hailey again. We had a great time! The MN Trail is now open. It was pretty neat. On it, we were able to see a bald eagle, lynx, lots of birds and some other animals. It was nice to see. We also went on the monorail for the first time. There were so few people going on it at the time that the 4 of us had a car to ourselves. Which was nice because we decided to let the girls "run wild." They crawled around, banged on the seats, looked out the windows. It was fun to see them so interested and exploring.

On Thursday, we joined my grandparents, cousin and her friend, my almost sister-in law and my niece at the beach. It was Graycen's first time at the beach. She really loved sitting in the water and picking up rocks. When we were on the beach she kept trying to eat the sand. We barbecued and it was sooo nummy!! The weather was overcast, but still warm. I think it was perfect beach weather. Not too hot, not too chilly. Perfect!

On Friday, Aimee, myself and the little girls went to the farmer's market. We usually go to the one in MPLS - the big one, but we missed it, so we went over to St Paul and enjoyed the one in the parking lot of St Luke's. Wow, that was one nice little farmer's market. The produce was awesome and the prices were about the same if not better since the quality of product was better! I got so much yummy stuff!!!
On Sunday, Graycen and I went to Connor's 3rd birthday party! It was held at a bowling alley, since he LOVES bowling so much! I didn't bowl, since it would have been too difficult to do so with a little one crawling around and besides, the floor was icky! We had a great time! It was the first time that I have been able to put a barrette in Graycen's hair. She looked like such a little girl. It was adorable!

More stuff has been going on, but I honestly can't put my finger on what it has been. Here are some things that I can actually think of:
**My mom and her fiance went to Sturgis and she got married while there. I haven't seen the pictures. They actually just got back. I will post some as soon as I see them! Congratulations mom!!
**Graycen has been saying duck. It's actually "duh," but she will point to everything and say it. I can't catch it on video since she stops every time I try. It's adorable!
**When we read Graycen's night time books, there is one that has a puppy on every page. I will ask her to show me the puppy, which she usually gets right, but sometimes pointing to the bunny. I say "what does the puppy say? woof" and she will repeat with a little "oof" it's also adorable! We have yet to catch this one on tape, too!
**I can't believe Graycen will be one in just a matter of weeks. It makes me so sad to see her growing so fast, but so happy to get excited and ready for all of the new adventures she will take on.


Anonymous said...

Wow.........you guys have been busy. We have to teach her to call me GRAMS.... short words are good.
It is nice to stay busy though. You only have a couple of weeks until you move also... I am sure that your busy making sure you have all of that stuff ready as well.....Love you all.

Missy said...

Great pics and stories Kristine. Looks like you guys have been doing a lot of fun things!!! :)