Thursday, July 26, 2007

Those are a few of my favorite things...

I liked April's idea to take the time to write down her guilty pleasures - just the simple things that make her happy. I thought it is probably about time for me to do the same! Thanks April!

*A nice cold pink lemonade
*A refreshing Mocha Frappuccino from Starbucks
*Scanning through some rag mags! (In Touch, People, US Weekly)
*Watching Top Chef on Wednesday nights - uninterrupted
*Cold sheets and warm blankets
*A nap on the couch when you just accidentally fall asleep - never happens these days
*Taking pictures
*Getting a little bit of time to make a card or two
*Buying a gift for someone
*Watching Graycen do something she never did before
*Hazelnut creamer
*Getting something neat in the mail
*Listening to music - nearly any kind!
*New lotion or hair products
*Making a dish/recipe that I've never made before
*Finding some good stuff on clearance

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Anonymous said...

My favorite things

* Soft thunderstorms
* Soft rain that last a couple of hours
* Deadheading my flowers
* Seeing new seedlings coming to life
* Hot tea/coffee on my deck on a cool evening
* Watching all the different birds that come to my back yard in the spring or fall.
* Watching Graycie crawl through the house exploring.
* Having my cats lay with me at bedtime (one on each side).
* Chinese food
* Hot freshly baked muffins
* visits from my kids.